Vocal Jazz Offerings

Jazz Arts Voices Ensemble

The Jazz Arts Voices is an inspiring 8-12 piece mixed vocal ensemble and so much more; it’s a meaningful musical experience.

While singing in the vocal ensemble, members of Jazz Arts Voices can expect to increase their knowledge of the history and language of the jazz art form through the study and transcription of classic works of the masters. They will subsequently develop the intuition and confidence to improvise, perform, and collaborate with both vocalists and instrumentalists well versed in the jazz idiom.

The Spring session is February 5 – April 16 (except February 19, March 26 and April 2), with performances at the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival (April 19) and the CCJA Jazz-O-Rama (April 24).The session will be led by two members of the Sharp Five, Camilla Vaitaitis and Brendan Schuster, with special clinics from guest artists. Total cost: $240 per participant, payable two installments of $120

Register for Spring 2018 Jazz Arts Voices Ensemble Here.

If you are interested in participating but have questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Here are the Jazz Arts Voices singing ” Hymn of Axiom” and “Confirmation” at Five Points Jazz Festival 2016:


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Jazz Boot Camp

The CCJA Jazz Boot Camp, taking place in June, is also open to vocalists, ages 12-18. See Jazz Boot Camp page for more information. 

Jazz in the Sangres Camp

Six vocalists (ages 14-18) are accepted into this amazing camp in Westcliffe, CO. Ashlee Varner will direct them as a separate vocal ensemble, and each vocalist will be a part of an instrumental small group as well. See the Jazz in the Sangres page for more information.