Rhythm Section Audition Materials


If there are more applicants for RHYTHM SECTION players than there are spots at the end of the registration period for each session, we will let you know that auditions will be held, based on the following requirements:

Piano & Guitar: Play the head, 2 choruses of soloing, and one chorus of comping on a blues tune, and one other tune of your choice (not another blues)


Blues: https://youtu.be/aZYgjbMrQKo

Second Tune: https://youtu.be/uGtcktvmD1g

Bass: Walk 3 choruses of blues in F with these changes: F7 |Bb7 |F7 |F7 |Bb7 |Bb7 |F7 |D7 |G-7 |C7 |F7 D-7|G-7 C7:| 3x, do some sight reading, and then play something that you feel shows your strengths

Drums: a.) Trade 4 choruses of a Blues with yourself using the following format:

• 12 bars time (swing)

• 12 bars melodic outline of a blues (play the melodic shape of a blues on the drums)

• 12 bars time

• 12 bars melodic outline

b.) play 32 bars, alternating 8 bars of time and 8 bars of soloing, on EACH of the following feels: Latin, Funk & Waltz (swing feel)

c.) See attachment below (“CCJA Drum Audition Supplement”). Print out the PDF and play the chart. CCJA Drum Audition Supplement


Trading 8’s : https://youtu.be/tKZVp3CQqHk

Blues (4 Choruses) – For the Advanced Student: https://youtu.be/YaQp3TSNUWE

Blues (4 Choruses) – For the Beginner Student: https://youtu.be/CTvF5_WpUG4

CCJA Drum Audition Supplement Chart: https://youtu.be/egsxAb3vzVo