Jazz in the Sangres Camp and Youth Fest

Jazz in the Sangres Jazz Arts Camp 2018!

July 17 – 21, 2018 in beautiful Westcliffe, Colorado


This camp is unlike any other! Thirty eight student musicians spend 5 days immersed in music with seven world class musicians, playing in both small groups and a big band at the foot of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. In addition there are concerts, jam sessions, master classes, performances, and activities. Students have access to faculty for 12 -15 hours a day, allowing for personalized instruction.The fees for the camp are $530, and room and board is $250, and includes lodging and  meals. (Some need-based scholarships are available.) The last day also features the students performing the in town of Westcliffe. Students and chaperones sleep in a motel.

Audition requirements are listed below. Carefully prepare your audition based on the guidelines below!

Make a recording of yourself playing the following: (live with a rhythm section or Aebersold-type recording – except drums) and email it as an mp3 or mail it if you put it on a CD. We’re not judging on recording quality…you can usually use a laptop or portable recorder.

HORNS – a) Play the head and solo for 2 choruses on a blues b) Play the head and solo for 2 choruses on another tune of your choice (not a blues)

DRUMS – a) Melodically outline the head of a blues b) play 32 bars alternating 8 bars of time and 8 bars of soloing on each of the following feels: Latin, funk,
waltz or 6/8, and swing.

PIANO and GUITAR – Play the head, 2 choruses of comping, and two choruses of soloing on a blues tune, and one other tune of your choice (not another blues)

BASS – a) walk 3 choruses of a blues b) demonstrate playing a chorus of bass lines on a Latin tune, and a funk tune (neither one can be the blues).

VOCALISTS – one tune of your choice

How to send your recorded audition:

  • If recording is on CD, mail to Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts 4505 W. 36th Ave. Denver, CO 80212
  • Email your mp3s to chris@jazzarts.org.

If you have any questions, email Paul Romaine, Artistic Director

Must be received by April 30, 2018  for consideration.