About Our Programs

Here’s a brief summary of our jazz programs. Click on each program to get more information.

Small Group Program:

CCJA’s core program. Runs during the school year at three Denver/Boulder area locations. Musicians are grouped together in small bands directed by a professional musician mentor. Open to musicians 11–19 who have played their instrument for at least a year.

Big Band: 

Open by audition, runs January through April.

Jazz Boot Camp (June):

Four-day camp (not overnight) focusing on improvisation, technique and theory open to all levels of musicians who want to take their jazz playing to a new level

Sangres Jazz Camp & Youth Jazz Fest in Westcliffe, CO (July):

Five Day overnight camp in Westcliffe, CO. By audition only.

Jazz Arts Voices Ensemble  By audition only, ages 15 through adult.

Recording/Music Industry Camp:

This camp is a highly specialized experience for strong musicians who are also composers and want to get their music recorded, and learn about the music industry. Usually offered every other summer.

Outreach Program (ongoing):

CCJA takes groups of advanced students, alumni, and faculty to perform at schools and in the community

Work Study Program (ongoing):

Advanced students and some alumni play gigs to get work experience.

Special Topics Workshops (ongoing):

Each year, CCJA hosts master classes with visiting musicians, and/or offers workshops to the community, such as “Jazz 101” or “Jazz History through Film”, etc.