How to become a CCJA Social Ambassador


A key component of CCJA’s April fundraising campaign, Joy Spring (April 15-30, 2017), will be a “social fundraising” aspect – one in which we are hoping you’ll participate!

How to become a CCJA Social Ambassador – step-by-step instruction:

  1. Choose one of three actions to pledge to do – COMPOSE, LISTEN, or LEARN.
  2. Choose a QUANTITY for this action the two-week time span, i.e. “I pledge to learn 7 new jazz tunes during the CCJA ‘Joy Spring’ campaign” or “I pledge to listen to one new jazz album I’m unfamiliar with every day for the CCJA Joy Spring campaign.”
  3. Let us know by sending us an email at or facebook message us at with your name.
  4. Once we get a message from you, we’ll set up your name and a spot for donations on your behalf up on our website and will provide you with the link to share via your email lists and social media platforms.
  5. GO INTO ACTION! (This is the fun part) Share your progress and accomplishments on your pledge throughout the two-week fundraiser, posting pictures or videos of your compositions, your practicing sessions, or yourself listening, lost in the greatness of a jazz record.

Remember: ***You’ll use the hashtag #CCJAJoySpring for all your posts so that we can catalog all of the inspiring posts the community creates.***

You’re creative – get creative with the process and be authentic, that’s what resonates the most!

Let us know if you have any questions! We’ll provide you with more information. We’re grateful to have your energy, spirit, and creativity as part of our fundraising campaign! Thank you for your support of Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts.

Social Fundraising Chart

How to become a CCJA Social Ambassador

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