Big Band Audition Materials


If there are more applicants than there are spots at the end of the registration period for each session, auditions will be held, based on the following requirements:

CCJA Big Band GUITAR Audition

Part I:

  1. Print out PDF of It’s You Or No One –  It’s You Or No One – Concert

2. Play 3 choruses of It’s You or No One  with the provided play along track as follows: 

Chorus 1 – Play melody

Chorus 2 – Play solo over form

Chorus 3 – Comp Changes over form

Play-Along Track: 


Part II:

  1. Print this exceprt – Guitar Audition – Reading
  2. Play guitar part excerpt with metronome @ quarter note = 140. Please take repeat/1st ending to letter I (top of the page), then play through and take 2nd ending to the end.

Submit your recordings (Part I and Part II) to

CCJA Big Band DRUM SET Audition

Part I

Big Dipper

  1. Print out Big Dipper drum part from PDF –  Big Dipper – Drums copy.
  2. Listen to recording – 

    and make notes on your chart. The recording starts from the last time at letter G. Even though it’s the drum part, it doesn’t have all the information. Your job is to write in the information you need to make the band sound like it does on the recording.

  3. Record yourself playing the chart without the recording from letter H to the end (this includes going back to the D.S. and taking the Coda).

Part II

  1. Print out Drum Set Audition Part II from PDF – Drum Set Audition Part II
  2. Listen to recording while studying the part.

    Keep in mind that the recording is an example for you to reference. Your job is to play what is written – including dynamics – and make it feel good.

  3. Record yourself playing the part @ 200 bpm. Metronome must not be heard on your recording. 

Submit your recordings (Part I and Part II) to