• CCJA Big Band Boogie Bash

    It's a hang you don't want to miss!

    Big Band Boogie Bash Feb. 28th!

    Six college bands and three high school groups @ the Mercury Cafe on February 28 from 1-8pm to support CCJA's youth programs

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    Big Band Boogie Bash Feb. 28th!
  • Boot Camp image

    Super charge your jazz chops!

    Jazz Boot Camp

    Join us for CCJA Jazz Boot Camp 2015 - June 9-12 @ the Newman Center on the DU Campus, 9:30-3:00 each day.

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    Jazz Boot Camp
  • CCJA Jazz in the Sangres camp

    The mountains called and they want you to come play in them...

    Jazz in the Sangres Camp

    40 talented high school musicians. 6 world-class instructors. One unique camp experience you will always remember. July 21-25 in Westcliffe, CO.

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    Jazz in the Sangres Camp
  • JAV12.14part2

    A few spots open in the Jazz Arts Voices!

    Jazz Arts Voices

    Audition now for a spot in the Jazz Arts Voices mixed ensemble. Spring semester runs Jan. 26-April 21, open to ages 15 through adult.

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    Jazz Arts Voices


CCJA is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth to creatively express themselves through the language of jazz. CCJA programs are mentor-based,  enabling students to study with professional musicians of the highest caliber. CCJA students grow musically while experiencing an environment of connection, respect, inclusivity, and cooperation, all of which are embedded within the fabric and history of jazz itself. Our unique programs are designed to benefit various levels of musicians. For those who are considering music as a career, CCJA offers tremendous advantages, and many of our students are admitted to prestigious college programs, receive impressive scholarships, and begin their careers with a definite head start. For those students who want to explore their musical interests but not necessarily make a career of it, CCJA programs enrich their lives by giving them a creative outlet, increased confidence, communication skills, relationships with like-minded people, and the joy of music.

CCJA is an SCFD Tier 3 organization! Thank you to the SCFD for their support…we are fortunate to live in an area where the arts and culture are supported this way.

CCJA would like to thank and acknowledge theCommunity Foundation of Northern Virginia SCFD Denver- Alan M. & Nathalie P. VoorheesFund for their support!  cfnova.org


Thank you for the support!